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it's time your resume is ONE of the 1% that are actually seen by a recruiter...


Your resume is the foundation of managing your career;

it's the only document that will tell your story, showcase your capabilities and most importantly, help you stand out.

When you super-charge your resume with a proven, step-by-step approach, filled with insider-information and real-life examples,

you can job search with confidence or act in a moment's notice when the perfect opportunity lands in your lap.


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Your Modern Resume Bundle is the complete A - Z guide for confidently creating a resume and a cover letter that will make you stand out, tell your story and help you get the new job you deserve.

If you are a professional at any level, finally this is your opportunity to not waste any more time and know exactly what it takes to create a resume that puts you in the best possible light for any new opportunities.




My signature section-by-section modern resume creation process (with examples of every possible section!) to create a resume that presents your experience in an ultra professional, yet personable way.  Modern day resumes are no longer sterile and lacking personality!  Know exactly how to inject your personality and who you are in a way that will help land you a job using your strengths.

My best kept secret on exactly how to get a modern, sleek resume design with the look and feel that will stop recruiters in their tracks, without spending hours and hours in Word.  If your resume looks the same way resumes looked three or more years ago, it is outdated and is holding you back from putting your best professional foot forward and getting the attention from hiring decision makers.

Get complete access to my insider information around exactly what prevents your resume from making it through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  Most companies are using these systems to make the recruiting process easier on their end, but in so doing, the systems have very intense criteria that kicks the majority of resumes out within seconds - but no one is sharing those details!  Until now!  I even go a step further and include a real-life example of a resume that is ATS compliant for you to duplicate.

Cover letters are alive and well - if you're using them correctly!  I include two successfully used cover letter template swipe files with full explanations on the what and why the specific content is created.  I also share with you a specific cover letter placement strategy that no one thinks about that changes the way hiring decision makers interact with your cover letter.

Let's break this down...


Your Modern Resume Bundle is comprised of three premium step-by-step PDF guides.

Take a look at what you get in each guide...

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A section-by-section guide for writing a resume that stands out, tells your story and gets you the job you deserve.


Small Resume Cover.png


Completely avoid the black hole of online applications and never let your resume get that 3-second kick-out of the system again.


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3. ultimate cover letter guide

Why a cover letter is more important than ever, the exact step-by-step content you need and swipe file templates.


Small Cover Letter.png


200+ action verbs cheat sheet

Never use the words "responsible for" on your resume again.


Small Action Verbs Cover (1).png


Ultimate Resume to ultimate linkedin profile

Know exactly what to re-purpose from your resume to optimize your LinkedIn profile.


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total value: $300+

Your INVestment: $77

Your Modern Resume Bundle comes with digital files emailed to you and a money back guarantee.

Your Modern Resume Bundle Includes:

Modern Resume Guide 

Applicant Tracking System Resume Guide

Ultimate Cover Letter Guide

200+ Action Verbs Cheat Sheet

Ultimate Resume to Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

Value: $300+




Established professionals at all levels

Early in career professionals

Individual contributors

People managers

Recent college graduate

Those pursuing job movement inside current company

People happy in their current role

Those wanting to prepared at a moment's notice for a dream opportunity

People who typically get a job through someone you know

Professionals who want their resume to match their high-level experience

Individuals who don't know how to tell the story of their career in a resume

how it works

Add the Your Modern Resume bundle to cart and make payment
automatically receive email with zip file of your modern resume PDFs
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase Your Modern Resume Bundle, you are protected by a 30-day money back guarantee.  When you receive the digital files, work through them and then create both a modern resume and applicant tracking system compliant resume.  Upon completing the resumes, if you're unhappy with the outcome, within 30 days of purchase, please email us both completed versions of your resumes to show you did the work, and we'll be happy to issue a refund.

We stand behind Your Modern Resume Bundle 100%.

what people are saying

Allison Jenkins

Marketing Manager

I've always gotten jobs through people I know, so I'd never written a resume. I had no idea where to start and what to do, which kept me in the job I didn't love.  The guide helped me land my dream job!

Steven Maxwell

Account Executive

I was only hearing back about lower level jobs than my current level.  The modern resume approach helped me create a professional looking resume that matched my level of experience.  I got the new job, with a $15k per year pay raise.

Jaime Baxter

Operations Manager

I applied for job after job with a large company, never hearing back.  I modeled my resume after the Applicant Tracking System compliant resume and heard back from the company in three days!

1296 Social Media.png

Hey there!  I'm Lesha Reese...

I've spent most of my career as a Human Resources leader for companies like AT&T, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless and InterContinental Hotels Group. I've led recruiting teams and have been apart of thousands of hiring decisions.  I've even made over 15 changes in my own career over the years.  I've spent the last several years professionally writing resumes for clients, for thousands of dollars each.  

I believe you deserve to be in a job that recognizes and appreciates your experience and skill set and the most critical first step for making that happen is an updated, modern resume.  In the competitive environment that exists today, your resume must look and feel professional, while connecting people to your story and who you are.

But, we're never taught how to write a resume.  No one ever openly shares how to make it through the Applicant Tracking System algorithm.  Our friends and family are always willing to give resume feedback, but the truth is, they don't actually know what works.  

I know exactly what it takes to create resumes that work and I've put all of my knowledge, insider information and experience in these guides so you can do the same.  

Let's bE CLEAR...


There's really no need for wasting time with trial and error when it comes to getting the new job you deserve.

If you want a resume recruiters and hiring managers actually pay attention to and a resume that is created specifically to thrive within an applicant tracking system, Your Modern Resume Bundle is for you.


My best kept secret - know exactly how to get the look and feel of a sleek, modern resume

Guidance and multiple examples for every possible section on your resume

Direction on how to address missing education (no college degree)

Learn how to identify your strengths at work and bring them to life in your resume

How to write accomplishments and results that aren't quantifiable by numbers

Understand the difference between a modern resume and applicant tracking system (ATS) resume

How applicant tracking system works

Know exactly what resume content and design elements gets immediately kicked out of an ATS

Real-life ATS compliant resume example

Why use cover letters

Do cover letters even matter anymore

What content to include in a cover letter

Lesha's experience of a recruiter reading every word of her cover letter

How to include cover letters to greatly increase the odds of it being read

Two real-life, successfully used cover letter examples

Your Modern Resume Bundle comes with digital files emailed to you and a money back guarantee.

Your Modern Resume Bundle Includes:

Modern Resume Guide 

Applicant Tracking System Resume Guide

Ultimate Cover Letter Guide

200+ Action Verbs Cheat Sheet

Ultimate Resume to Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

Value: $300+



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